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Why is teaching job in Vietnam popular with foreigners?

In recent years, Vietnam has been developing significantly in many fields including economy, agriculture, and technology. Consequently, the growth offers many job opportunities for locals and foreigners, especially in education. Teaching jobs in Vietnam have become the dominant jobs for foreigners because they reckon that teachers are rational positions to experience Vietnamese aspects such as […]

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Independence Day of Vietnam

Independence Day of Vietnam was known as National Day which is one of Vietnam’s significant public holidays. The national holiday was observed annually on the 2nd of September to commemorate Vietnamese Independence from the aggressive war. History On the 2nd of September, President Ho Chi Minh read the Vietnamese Declaration of Independence and declared the […]

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Master Chef International Potluck 2022 – An amazing event for the food community

In Vietnam, the Potluck party is organised mainly in international schools, language centres or non-governmental organisations for domestic and foreign people to exchange culture and food. EMG Education also creates an International Potluck for Vietnamese staff and foreign teachers to exchange customs and food together. The Original Potluck The Potluck means a common meal in […]

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