It pays to teach abroad

Being a teacher in Vietnam is very rewarding, with the opportunity to immerse yourself in the rich local culture and scenery that Vietnam has to offer.

Competitive monthly salary.
– Stable monthly salary
– Paid public holidays and an additional 12 days annual leave.

Strong office based support network
With over 300 foreign teachers based at our central offices we are able to provide a substantial amount of support to our teaching staff both in terms of academic support and support with life in Ho Chi Minh City.

Ongoing support and training to help you grow professionally
Ongoing support and training is always a high priority at EMG Education and with our team of Academic Managers we are able to provide help and support to teachers from a range of different backgrounds through regular observations, weekly meetings and day to day in-office support.

Support with paperwork
Our HR Department have extensive experience organising the documents and paperwork required for work permits in Vietnam and they work hard to ensure that this process is as straightfoward as possible for our teachers.

And more…
– Opportunities to progress within the company.
– Transport to and from teaching locations
– Free lunch is provided for all employees
– Annual awards for recognition of outstanding teachers and Vietnamese staff
– Health insurance coverage for managers and long term teachers

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