Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What curriculum does EMG teach?

    Over the last four years EMG Education has been working closely with the Ho Chi Minh City Department of Education & Training to produce an integrated curriculum that combines the British “Key Stage” curriculum with its Vietnamese equivalent. The Integrated Key Stage curriculum takes into account the sequencing and content of both the Vietnamese curriculum and Key Stage curriculum.

    This unification has resulted in a more complete and well-rounded learning experience as well as a reduced workload for the students. Students’ educational development is monitored with progress tests throughout the program.

    At the end of primary and lower secondary students studying the Integrated Key Stage programme will sit internationally assessed and recognised examinations through Pearson Edexcel who are the UK’s largest awarding body of academic qualifications.

  2. Do I need to get a Work Permit?

    EMG only employs expat staff who are eligible for a Vietnamese work permit. In order to acquire a work permit for Vietnam the following documents are required.

    – Notarized university degree and teaching certificates

    – Police check from your home country

    – Vietnamese police check (Obtained once you are living in the country)

    – Health check (Obtained in Vietnam once you are living in the country)

    Upon joining EMG Education you will be supported by our HR department in applying for your work permit. They will also assist you in arranging an initial business visa.

  3. What are EMG’s working hours?

    EMG’s contracted office hours are from 8:00AM to 5:30PM with a lunch break. Teachers are contracted to teach up to 23 contact hours per week.

  4. How many teaching hours will a teacher have in an average day?

    You will teach anywhere from 4 to 6 periods (1 period = 45 minutes) a day. The rest of your time is spent in the office preparing lessons and completing other non contact teaching duties. The average class length is 2 periods for primary and 3 periods for lower secondary but this can vary depending on school and subject.

  5. Where do EMG teachers teach?

    EMG has offices in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Teachers applying to teach in the Integrated Program in HCMC will be teaching on location at government schools throughout the city.

  6. How do I get to the schools?

    EMG provides transportation from our central office for all classes via our company mini-buses or taxis that are arranged by the company. Teachers travel to the schools with Vietnamese support staff.

  7. What opportunities does EMG offer for personal development?

    EMG conduct personal development sessions with teachers throughout the year which focus on a wide variety of topics. In addition to this we have an ongoing observation and feedback process to provide invaluable feedback and opportunities for development to our teachers. There are also opportunities to progress and take on support or academic management roles.

  8. What support is available for teachers?

    To ensure our students receive high quality instruction, teachers at EMG are given support with lesson planning, classroom management, and content delivery. In addition to supportive managers for each subject and grade level, teachers’ training sessions are held throughout the year. Each employee is also assigned a workstation from which they can access support materials for them to use.

Still have questions?

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