EMG Education – Your Bridge to International Success


EMG Education is one of the largest private education organizations in Vietnam. Its mission is to provide Vietnam learners across all ages an opportunity and the right preparation to succeed on the global stage.

Founded in 2005, EMG Education has always been an innovative trailblazer in Vietnam’s education scene, constantly finding new ways to empower Vietnamese learners by expanding their access to world-class curricular and learning materials, and globally-recognized qualifications.

Leading innovative solutions for Vietnam's education sector
Curriculum and learning materials of the highest quality
Globally-recognized exams and qualifications

EMG Education was one of the first private enterprises in Vietnam to implement high-quality international Math, Science and English curricula to state schools in the country and the very first to successfully integrate such a curriculum into Vietnam’s national curriculum across all grades from 1 to 12. The Integrated Program is delivered by experienced, native English speaking teachers with a wide variety of academic backgrounds from all over the world and provides students enrolled with access to a high quality international curriculum.

One of EMG Education’s key successes has been to grant learners in Vietnam the opportunities to achieve international recognition. As a leading education innovator, the Vietnam-based company works closely with internationally acclaimed exam boards all over the world. EMG Education is a strategic partner of Pearson, the largest education company in the world. Under the framework of the partnership, EMG Education is authorized to administer globally-recognized high-stakes exams including the Pearson Test of English (PTE) Academic, Edexcel International GCSEs, and others. EMG Education is also ACT Inc.’s exclusive partner to administer the ACT® test in Vietnam.

Driven by innovation, dedication to excellency and with an outstanding track record as a leader in curriculum development and provision and testing services, EMG Education will continue to work closely with reputable international partners in both public and private sectors to ensure brighter success for Vietnamese students and schools.

The company is based primarily in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, Vietnam.

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