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What are some cultural differences between Vietnamese and Western countries?

Located in Southeast Asia, Vietnam is known for combining Western and Eastern cultures, resulting in a unique blend of traditions and customs. Let’s explore 4 significant cultural distinctions between Vietnam and other nations. This will provide you with a deeper understanding of the fascinating nation, whether you’re interested in learning more about it or considering […]

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What was happening at EMG Education on Teachers’ Day?

Vietnamese Teachers’ Day is annually held in Vietnam to celebrate the contribution of teachers, who have been dedicating themselves wholeheartedly to building a bridge to human knowledge for Vietnamese students and assisting them in reaching their purposes in the learning journey. Teaching in Vietnam has given you many opportunities to participate in the fascinating atmosphere […]

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Why is teaching referred to as a noble profession?

Annually, on November 20th, Vietnamese people celebrate Vietnamese Teachers’ Day and express their gratitude to their beloved teachers, including foreign teachers taking on teaching jobs in Ho Chi Minh City, who have dedicated their entire lives to enlightening Vietnamese children with knowledge.  In general, teachers are honored not only in Vietnam but also worldwide; however, […]

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